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Uruguay is the perfect destination in autumn

With countless activities for the whole family, Uruguay can be the ideal place to travel in the fall. Nature, culture, tradition, history and fun await travelers across the country. Autumn is the perfect season to explore the cities, connect with nature and explore new cultural attractions.

Going to the theater, strolling in parks, participating in sporting events and getting to experience new flavors and new forms of tourism, are some of the activities not to be missed at this time. The rural tourism is an option for those who seek to disconnect in the holidays that are to come.

Fantastic landscapes await you. After all, the road network takes the tourist in a quick way to appreciate the Rio Negro and the Uruguay River. The various protected areas enable rural tourism, as well as hotels that offer a variety of good deals.

The Uruguayan resorts have a limited number of rooms, guaranteeing differentiated security and attention to the client. Some of them are Estancia San Pedro del Timote, Posada La Vigna, Posada Martín Pescador, Estancia Los Plátanos and Estancia Yvytu Itaty. In them, it is recommended rural activities to entertain and enchant with the beautiful landscapes. In addition to enjoying the most varied natural beauties present in the field, such as bird watching and listening to their songs, fishing in rivers and ponds, horse riding and ecological safaris.

During the evening, that cold weather arrives and, to relax, several top-quality wineries are scattered throughout the country. Campo Tinto, Viña Edèn, Pizzorno, Bouza and Garzón give the tourist an excellent wine. In addition to all the restaurants and bars have high quality local wine brands. There are more than 9 thousand hectares of cultivated and harvested areas throughout Uruguay, a privileged position when it comes to wine. Arguably an exceptional tour!

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