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Winter in Bariloche

Winter is practically on our doorstep, pleasing some and displeasing others, but still we can travel and enjoy a little bit of this cold, since it is also the vacation of many. And as we talked about before, there is a place that Brazilians love to be in for fun at this time of year: Bariloche.

Brazilians make up the majority of tourists in the city, and for the winter season of 2018, it is expected that more than 42 thousand tourists from Brazil. And we’ve separated some tips for all those who are likely to be there.


Of course, this topic could not be lacking in travel tips, since we believe that foreign food is essential and rich to be known. Bariloche brings dishes and classic elements of Argentine cuisine, as well as ingredients unique to the Patagonia region.

The best restaurants in the country with spectacular local artisan productions of chocolates and beers, During the cold season you can try the delicious hot chocolates that bring unique combinations and flavors.

For meat lovers, the tip is to try out the fish from the region’s lakes. Trout and salmon are the great attractions. Besides the dishes with mutton and wild boar, much appreciated.

Snow Sports

Since the main attraction for Brazilian tourists is the snow, of course many will like to have some fun with it, so there are sports in the snow like skiing, snowboarding and sledding. The most famous ski resort is at Cerro Catedral.

This year the station gains a technological upgrade and offers more connectivity with the exclusive application for location sharing, and the possibility of buying tickets through the cell phone.

There are also walks, such as the mountains of Bariloche, where people climb them on foot, through trails, admiring the beauties of winter through the woods and snowy hills.
In addition to being able to do the night activity, going through the trails, with the lantern lights, and to the top of it, see the city lit up. And the tour ends with a candlelight dinner and tango show.

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