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With corporate and political representation FESTURIS starts in Gramado

The 29th edition of FESTURIS Gramado – International Tourism Fair started on Thursday night, 09th, at the Palace of Festivals in Gramado. With the presence of several authorities, such as the Governor of Rio Grande do Sul, José Ivo Sartori, and Aparecida Maria Borges de Bezerra – National Secretary for Qualification and Promotion of Tourism, as well as presidents of entities, leading tourism entrepreneurs in Latin America. South and over 1500 people with caravans from the USA, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The ceremony had as highlights the artistic shows of Renato Borghetti, Cristina Sorrentino and Violin Orchestra of Gramado and Canela.

In her speech, Marta Rossi (CEO of the event) thanked everyone for their presence and highlighted the importance of the event, as well as the need for the industry to be treated as a priority in Brazil.
“We urgently need to identify the bottlenecks and follow the example of our Latin American neighbors who are being transformed by Tourism.” The sector needs to be a State Policy.This is the proposal of FESTURIS.We have invested in Tourism for 29 years because we believe that this is the future of our country, “he said.

The expectation of the event is to gather more than 10,000 people in Gramado, tourism professionals, until Sunday and generate 280 million reais in business.

Awards to personalities

During the night, the FESTURIS Friends Trophy was also presented to ten personalities who collaborated with the event in its last edition. They were honored:

André Samico de Melo Correia
Recife PE

Geraldo Castelli
Canela – RS

Paulo de Brito Freitas
Florianópolis – SC

Victor Hugo da Silva
Porto Alegre – RS

First Name
Pelotas – RS

Jaime Luiz de Oliveira
Canela – RS

Jean-Philippe Pérol

Diana Pomar

Amanda Paim
Porto Alegre – RS

Congress and Business Fair start today
This Friday the FESTURIS Congress begins at the Palais des Festivals from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the Business Fair in the Sierra Park from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Congress is open to the public, with no entrance fee. In 2017 the central theme will be: “Connecting the World: The Sustainable Future of the Tourism Industry”. Brazil, Aparecida Maria Borges de Bezerra – National Secretary for Tourism Promotion and Qualification, Leonel Pavan Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Sports of SC, Victor Hugo – Secretary of Culture, Tourism. Sport and Leisure / RS, Carlos Vazquez – Esferatur Consolidator, Theo Orosco – CEO Exact Sales, João Machado – President of ABAV / RS, Michel Bregolin – Coordinator UCS Events, Hospitality and Tourism Courses, Mauro Chwarts – CEO Highland Aventura, Selma Bastos Light – Artist, activist and influencer, Richard Alves – Director of Barcelona Media Innovation Brazil, Vitor Peçanha – Co-Founder of Rock Content, Guilherme Bortoli – Digital Organic CEO, Do Ba Khoa – Ambassador of Vietnam and Caito Maia – Founding Director Chilli Beans.

The Business Fair is closed and professionals in the area of ​​Tourism and Events, as well as students.

Photos: Cassio Brezolla / Press Release FESTURIS