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10 Romantic Tips to Do in Tuscany

One of the most beautiful regions of Italy, with medieval towns, filled with beautiful hills, full of vineyards that produce some of the best wines of the world, Tuscany, is a great destination for couples in love. Get to know ten tips, given by the authorized guide Deyse Ribeiro, of what to do in the region:
1. Balloon ride through the Chianti hills
The Tuscan hills can be even more majestic when you are silently floating above them in a hot air balloon. You can certainly opt for a group tour, but for an extra romantic touch there is the option of a private balloon flight to two, following with a champagne picnic after landing.
Balloon rides are almost always early in the morning to avoid difficult winds coming out of the sea in the afternoon or evening, and the hot air balloon season is not all year round (runs from March to October usually).
2. Sleep in Romantic Hotels and Castles
Romantic places in Tuscany are not to be missed, so imagine how many cozy, romantic hotels and wonderful medieval castles exist to make a “getaway to two” in the region.
3. Romantic dinner
There are several romantic restaurants for a lovely dinner in Florence and Tuscany, but my tip is the Peperino. Chef Gilberto Rossi, famous for the Rai channel program, set up in San Miniato Pepenero, a truffle restaurant (tartufo), believed to be an aphrodisiac, decided to create an even more romantic restaurant, but a restaurant for two! That’s right, a two-person restaurant with a single table. There is a separate entrance, facing the street (if you want privacy just close the curtain), with a waiter on hand, champagne, background music of your choice, and with the chef’s willingness to choose the menu you want !! Other romantic restaurants:
· Il Palagio in Florence: Four Seasons Hotel’s restaurant
· Villa Bordoni in Greve in Chianti
4. Thermal baths
Tuscany is rich in thermal water deposits, and boasts the largest number of thermal areas in Italy. The spas of Tuscany are hyperthermal waters that vary in temperature from 25 ° C in Montecatini Terme to 54 ° C in Bagni San Filippo. Furthermore, there are several modern spa options offering not only bath and hydrotherapy treatments as well as wellness and body care services (massages, sauna, Turkish baths).
One of these places is the Bagno di Pisa, which offers treatment option for the couple, with the “Grotta dei Granduchi”, this is a grotto built by the Granduca Cosimo de Medici to make their thermal baths.
5. Boat Trip in Florence
One of the most romantic walks in Florence is a boat tour with the “Renaioli”, a little known tour and not part of the most touristic route of the city. The “Renaioli” were freight carriers along the Arno River, with boats reminiscent of Venice gondoliers. With the extinction of the profession, which was no longer necessary, they decided to reform the boats and use them in tourism. They take a stroll in the center of Florence, passing the Ponte Vecchio among other sights, counting all the curiosities of the Arno River … You want a tip: take this tour at sunset!
6. Make promises of love in front of the “Tree of Life”
The city of Lucignano, besides being a very beautiful place, is perfect for a romantic trip. In addition, it also preserves a large treasure called the “Tree of Life”, also known as the “Tree of Love”, or the “Golden Tree”. The tree is a masterpiece of jewelery, decorated with corals and crystals, a reliquary made between 1350 and 1471 by Ugolino da Vieri and Gabriello D’Antonio. This is the only tree entirely covered with gold, and since the middle ages the couples of the Arentine region used to make their promises of love facing the “Tree of Life”, which eventually became a symbol of love Eternal.
7. Picnic in the parks
We have several beautiful parks in Tuscany, take a walk in one of these parks or gardens, whether in the spring, summer or even winter is a romantic option, coming out of the frenzied bustle of the museums and centers of the cities of greater tourism like Florence. Let’s the options:
· Florence: Giardino Bardini – one of my favorites because it has one of the most romantic views of Florence, an immense peace and a small cozy bar, ideal for a glass of wine for two
· Florence: Giardino delle Rose – there are several Folon statues, fountains, and thousands of roses from around the world, plus a great view
· Chianti: Parco Sculture del Chianti
· Pisa: Parco di San Rossore
· Principina al Mare: Parco della Maremma

8. Horse riding
The horseback ride in Tuscany is possible within the natural parks, amid the uncontaminated nature to the protected beaches, making it an exclusive ride and a romantic option, since many of these walks are possible to be carried out by a couple. The Maremma is a land of gentlemen and the famous breed of Maremmano horses, which originally was used to follow herds during transhumance, but today it is used for sports and therapy centers and in many agrotourism facilities (farm hotels) in the area.
9. Marry or renew marriage vows in Tuscany
What is not lacking in Tuscany are wonderful places and settings for weddings: castles and medieval towns, where you can still find traditional flavors and aromas; Florence, which has an extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage with a unique beauty, or even beautiful beaches and islands of the crystal clear sea of ​​the Tuscan Archipelago. A postcard that will makes any wedding or vow renewal unforgettable!
Tuscany includes some of the most famous works of the city in the world: Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Volterra, Pisa … Outdoor museums that exude art and culture, all equally worthy of a romantic wedding in a refined and simple place to the same time, are the jewels that Tuscany has to offer, breathtaking landscapes to pronounce the fateful “yes”. Whatever your choice, with a reception in style or just a private event for the couple only. Learn how to get married in Tuscany here
10. Watch the Tuscan sunset
For me the colors here are unique and still along with this landscape of hills, art, architecture and beaches is very romantic.

Photo: João Alves
Source: Tourism Journal