Encounter with Nature in Antarctica

The Antarctic Peninsula of incredible landscapes, exotic wildlife that includes thousands of penguins will be the destination of the Sea Spirit of Poseidon Expeditions, in expedition cruise, in the summer of the southern hemisphere. Aimed at tourists who want more than to contemplate the landscape and wish to interact with nature, this trip on the Sea Spirit ship, values ​​aspects of the region, the local fauna, all with supervision and accompaniment of experts on board. At the stops, descent to the Antarctic continent in Zodiacs boats, for local exploration.

It is a 14-day trip that begins in Ushuaia, goes to the Drake Passage and stays for four days in the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. On the way back, again to Drake Passage and landing in Ushuaia.

The Sea Spirit is a ship for only 112 passengers, with 54 suites, all with sea view and some with balcony. On board the facilities of the gastronomy prepared by European chefs, coffee station, tea and chocolate 24 hours. All passengers receive a thermal jacket for the trip for the excursions. The ship has 7 zodiacs, special boats for descents in the Antarctic continent.

Photos: Reproduction