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Chile is elected the best international winter destination

For the team of Valle Nevado Ski Resort is nothing new: the Brazilian is passionate about snow and has the complex as his darling. It is no wonder that Brazil is its main market, accounting for about 65% of hotel occupancy. All this is already well known, but the more data the better, right? In a survey conducted in June of that year, Datafolha pointed to Chile as the preferred winter destination of the 1,646 respondents, from São Paulo and Brazil, who traveled in the last 12 months to other states and outside Brazil.

For the residents of the city of São Paulo, the Chilean winter is preferred among 8% of respondents, followed by Switzerland with 7%. The Valle Nevado, being the largest ski resort in South America, plays an important role in promoting winter tourism in Chile. The ski and snowboard station was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to have a closed cabin cable car. It is the closest to the capital, Santiago, and it is only 60km from the international airport, and this year featured actor and presenter Felipe Titto as ambassador of season, getting closer to the Brazilian public.

Given the favorable weather and snow conditions, the slopes this year opened about a month ahead of schedule, as was the case last year. The successful 2017 winter season runs through September 22, with the three hotels (Valle Nevado, Puerta del Sol and Tres Puntas) and the eight condominiums open and with special programming, which includes the celebration of the Chilean Country Festivals on the days September 17 and 18, honoring the country that is consolidated as the favorite winter destination of the paulistanos and brazilians.

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