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Portugal for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, and many couples like to celebrate it’s date together during a trip, because nothing beats meeting the world with that person we love.

Europe is one of the main destinations for lovers, and here we bring some destinations from Portugal to spend a couple of days, just to celebrate Valentine’s Day, weddings or honeymoon; even more than the romance of Portugal does not leave to be desired.


Aveiro is known as the “Portuguese Venice” because it is cut by canals, the so-called rivers. Having boats known as moliceiros, which circulate throughout the city. It is a walk taken by the romantic mood. Especially in the late afternoon, when the sun sets, being an incredible souvenir of the trip.

The River Lee Hotel in Cork

Inspired by the architecture of the traditional villages of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the hotel is the fruit of the owners’ passion for design. The result is an atmosphere in which everything is thought with extreme care and guests treated with a lot of nurturing.

Already stands out with its entrance, with a gate that forms a heart written ‘light’ welcoming the visitors. Inside, it is a super cozy boutique hotel, the ideal retreat for those who seek peace in their accommodation in Fátima, in the Central Portugal region.

Map of Pedro and Inês in Coimbra

The most remarkable novel in the history of Portugal happened in the 14th century. The legend of Pedro and Inês is known today as the Lusitanian “Romeo and Juliet” tale – with the difference that the protagonists of this tragic story really existed. Nowadays, the places where the main events of history took place have become very popular tourist spots.

The Fountain of Tears, the Fountain of Loves and the Monastery of Alcobaça are obligatory stops for those couples who want to know a little of the love story that echoes to this day in Portugal.

Wine Routes

Wine already has a sign of romance, where many couples like to enjoy them together. With unforgettable scenery and unparalleled historical heritage, the Center of Portugal offers unique experiences for wine lovers.

Venture through the wine routes on the Vine Route and the Wine of the West, Bairrada or the famous Dão region, where wines have been produced since the 12th century, realizing a genuine Portuguese experience.

About the Center of Portugal

The most charming Portuguese region is full of popular destinations: Aveiro, Coimbra, Viseu, Nazaré, Óbidos, Tomar, Fátima and many others. Its beauties extend all over the territory – occupied by 2.3 million inhabitants who have the gift of welcome. The center of Portugal has many UNESCO heritage sites, a coastline that is a surfing paradise, historic villages, rich gastronomy, unforgettable wines, exuberant nature and lots of culture, which add to countless reasons for a visit.

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