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The riches of Aveiro salt in Portugal


Salt is part of the daily life of practically all the cultures in the world, being used mainly in the cooking. However, in Aveiro, in the Center of Portugal, it is even more important to be part of the history of the city.

Known as the “Portuguese Venice” thanks to the rivers that cut its territory, Aveiro has cultural riches that are also due to abundant salt production. In this charming destination, it is possible to find shops selling various cosmetics, all made from the region’s salt. With handmade methods, the raw material used in these beauty products is processed in a 100% natural way, guaranteeing the quality and the benefits to the skin. The visitor can also try the innovative seaweed bath salts, used in thalassotherapy – treatment that is based on the therapeutic use of sea water.

Flor de Sal is another typical manufacture, used as a seasoning for different types of dishes. Criteriously selected, it consists of whites of extreme whiteness that form on the surface of the small pieces of saline, totally natural and handmade.

In the past, salt was responsible for the economic development of the region. Even though this market has diminished considerably, the salt flats of Aveiro are known for the high quality salt they produce. At the time of the great vessels, it was used to conserve food. Due to its high humidity, Aveiro salt is also used for the creation of several products.

To learn more about the importance of salt in the region, the suggestion is a visit to the Troncalhada Marine Ecomuseum. This old saline is an open-air museum where the tourist can conduct the tour independently or request a guided tour for a more in-depth learning about the traditional method of production.

The accommodation options of the beautiful Aveiro are also an attraction to part, which offer the tourist infinite possibilities to appreciate what the city has the best. Among them are the charming Hotel das Salinas, which is close to the most beautiful art nouveau buildings, Hotel Moliceiro, with unique charm and refinement, and the Meliã Ria Hotel & Spa with a privileged view of the river.


Photo: Reproduction