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Travel bookings from Brazil to Russia grow 2,400%

The number of Brazil’s travel bookings to Russia rose by 2,400%, according to Destination Insight data, in relation to the amount of travel booked in June 2017. Still, the country is still behind other South- Americans.

According to the data, large reserves had already begun in November 2017 and intensified in December for the matches of the 2018 World Cup, which starts on June 14.

At a disadvantage – Even with the reputation of being passionate about football, Brazilians are behind other Latin American countries in shopping for games in Russia – ranking fifth in the world behind Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico .

“There is a new factor. Peru has not played in a World Cup since 1982. There is a whole generation that is having this opportunity for the first time and does not know if there will be another one, unlike the Brazilians who have participated in all the World Cups to date” Rezende.