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Tribute to the Trojan theme in Turkey aircraft

Turkish Airline, Turkish Airlines, presents A-321 aircraft in honor of the year of Troy, after being declared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the archeological site of Troia on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with various activities to promote the country during the year.

“As an airline of Turkey, we seek to promote our Country and our values ​​… And so we have the honor to present our aircraft with the theme” Troia “for all the global destinations that we operate,” said M. İlker Aycı, chairman of the board of Turkish Airlines and the Executive Committee.

“Thanks to Turkish Airlines, which will promote the theme” Troia “in all the world destinations operated by this aircraft, after our Ministry of Culture and Tourism announces 2018 as ‘the Year of Troy’,” concluded Orhan Tavlı, Governor of the Province of Canakkale.