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5 favorite shopping destinations for Brazilians

Taking a shopping tour during a trip has become one of the main differentials for choosing a destination. This is known as “buying tourism”, a trend that relates tourist patterns to buying motivation, with many travelers seeking good prices or exclusivity. With this in mind, Decolar, Latin America’s leading travel agency, has developed an analysis based on the preferences and buying habits of Brazilians when planning a “shopping trip”.

Based on data from 2016 x 2015, Miami, New York, Orlando, Paris and Los Angeles are the five most sought after destinations, alternating only the order of preference. Miami, which ranks first in the list for 2016, the previous year appeared in second place, shifting its position with New York. Orlando was the only destination that maintained its position in the two consecutive years, in the third place.

  1. Miami: With a multitude of outlets and malls, it’s easy to find a store. The items most bought by Brazilians are electronics, clothes, perfumes and watches. Best Buy, Target and Sawgrass Mills are the best-known stores.
  2. New York: The city has hundreds of shops, from the most popular brands to the luxury ones. Outlets, supermarkets and department stores attract tourists. Fifth Avenue, Times Square and Soho are the most cited names when it comes to buying.
  3. Orlando: Those who go to Orlando for shopping can already book one to two days of travel. There are wide variety of shopping malls, outlets and shops with themed products. Shopping happens even in the theme parks, like the Disney Store. Premium Outlet and Mall at Millenia are the most famous centers.
  4. Paris: considered the fashion capital, Paris has it all. Clothes, cosmetics, art objects and decoration are the most sought after items. Bercy Village, Boulevard Haussmann and Carrousel du Louvre concentrate major brands and shops for shopping.
  5. Los Angeles: From popular stores to haute couture, tourists will find good shopping opportunities in places like the Fashion District (a popular market full of sidewalk stalls), the Camarillo Premium Outlets and Ontario Mills California).

“Despite dollar variations in recent years, traveling to the United States remains the preferred option for anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to shop overseas. Miami is still the destination that leads, since the big stores and brands with lower prices are attractive, “says André Alves, Country Manager of Decolar Brazil.

How many days do you need for a shopping trip?

Brazilians looking for shopping tourism plan their trip to these destinations at least 20 days in advance. The average length of stay is 8 days and 7 nights.

What is the season of the year that Brazilians prefer to buy abroad?

October and November are the months when Brazilians most travel to international destinations, during the off-season, when prices are lower, seats are more empty and availability is greater.

The best time for shopping tourism

The low season is the best time for those traveling to any of these destinations with the goal of shopping overseas, as tourist services prices are cheaper – average 31% cheaper, compared to high season prices. After all, in these months there are many stores in liquidation, which favors when it comes to buying.

An example to illustrate the difference in price: a ticket for a person to Los Angeles, United States, in December has the average price of $ 3,700, and in February the same flight leaves for $ 1,760.

How much does it cost for Brazilians to travel to shopping destinations?

Analyzing the values ​​of preferred destinations for Brazilians to make purchases:

– Miami (United States): A travel package – including flight, 7-day lodging and car rental – has an average cost of $ 5,241 per person.

– New York (United States): The travel package – including flight, 5-day lodging and travel insurance – has an average cost of R $ 2,848 per person.

– Orlando (United States): a travel package – including 7-day flight and lodging – costs an average of R $ 4,867 per person.

– Paris (France): The travel package – including flight, 7-day lodging and excursion – costs an average of R $ 3,121 per person.

– Los Angeles (United States): The travel package – including flight, 7 day lodging and car rental – has an average cost of R $ 3,440 per person.


– About 21% of Brazilian tourists hire travel insurance;

– Brazilians seek to hire this service (travel insurance), probably to protect their purchases, in case of delay or loss of luggage;

– Miami (United States) is the destination with the highest demand for car rentals by Brazilians traveling to make purchases. The average daily value is 35 dollars.

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