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Airline launches promotional fare with no baggage allowance


Avianca Brasil changes its tariff rules from next Monday. The airline has created a new, cheaper ticket option for non-baggage customers. Among the four major nationals, President Frederico Pedreira’s air was the only one that had not yet adopted the guidelines proposed by Anac in the first half of this year. From the 25th onwards, two of Avianca Brasil fares will have the value of checked baggage included, unchanged, and one that gives only the right of a hand piece of up to ten kilos, but the passenger will still have the option to include in the or over the internet if you change your mind.

The new tariff families will be Flex, Economy and Promo. According to Avianca Brasil, Flex and Economy remain absolutely without any changes to what is applied today. The big news is with Promo, which gives the right to the limited part in ten pounds on board.

At the time the new tariff model was released by Anac, Avianca Brasil chose to “study” the issue in order to create customized tariff products. “Our challenge was to create a product that did not impact the quality of our service, something that we were very worried about, because the service is what made us grow.” Now the time has come for that passenger who is planned in advance and who does not need to carry luggage heavy, will be stimulated to fly “, justifies Pedreira. “Any passenger will continue to have all service, entertainment, armchair space, differentiated snack, among other attributes that have consolidated Avianca in the Country.”

He clarifies that the intention of Avianca Brazil is not to charge more for the already existing tariffs. “What we want is to get a more competitive fare to reach that passenger that does not need to be dispatched today. With this promotional rate, we will be able to obtain more attractive prices for many potential customers who do not fly with us today.”

The president guarantees that the Promo will be significantly cheaper, but everything will depend very much on the anticipation, the demand and the period in which one wishes to fly. “A passenger who wants to buy a ticket for New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro on December 27 will not be able to find the Promo fare, for example.There are times of high season and high demand in which we can not give up tariffs like the current” , illustrates Quarry. “But for most of the year and with the correct timing, the value will drop a lot and we are very confident in the success of this new model.”

Pedreira also explains that the collection of on-board service and ancillary products does not go through the company’s plans.


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