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Airport and airline showcase the new Airbus A330neo cabin in unprecedented action

While not officially starting to operate with the new Airbus A330neo, TAP brings to RIOgaleão a replica of the cabin that passengers will find on their travels to Europe. Those who pass through the South Pier to embark on international flights until October 20 will be able to see firsthand the cabin that will equip the new planes, where it will be possible to explore the differentials of the aircraft before it is even available for travel.

At the place people can take a virtual tour of their interior through virtual reality immersion, where you can explore the differentials of the airplane in 360 degrees with a lot of interactivity. The action has generated great curiosity in the passengers and the expectation is that more than 50 thousand people accompany the initiative during the period of its accomplishment.

At the end of next year the company will be the first in the world to offer its customers the experience of traveling on the Airbus A330neo equipped with the new version of cabin Airspace, which provides the best in innovation and design.

Airspace is a new concept created by Airbus. Consists of a more airy cabin with more pleasing tones to the eyes and new features like a state-of-the-art LED lighting system, larger luggage compartments, more comfortable bathrooms and state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity system.

TAP is today the oldest operating airline operating in RIOgaleão, in 2016 the company completed 50 years of operation on flights to Rio de Janeiro, being the main link between Brazilians and Europe.

TAP is in operation in the country, maintaining regular flights from cities from north to south of Brazil to Europe, democratizing the access of Brazilians not only to Portugal, but also to several other countries of that continent. There are more than 70 weekly flights departing from 10 Brazilian cities – Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and Belém.