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Alentenjo Charm

The Alentejo, the largest region of Portugal, is a destination for those who like to enjoy life at their own pace. Where old castles are surrounded by nature and the sun reflects on the fields, the culture is expressed also in the gastronomy and in some of the best wines in the world, forming a perfect itinerary to be enjoyed by two.

The adventure, whether by bike, horseback or on foot, is imperative, with different options of fascinating places. Summer is great for late afternoon picnics, served with traditional breads, olive oils, cheeses and jams

Besides the singular architecture, it is possible to contemplate the charming Portuguese villages in an unforgettable balloon flight.
The accommodation provides stylish romantic moments, where historic buildings have been transformed into luxurious hotels, such as the Pousada Convento de Arroios, as well as the spas that make the stay more relaxing.

About Alentejo – It is the largest region of Portugal, with a quiet lifestyle in which the experience of living well sets the tone. Beautiful beaches and cities full of attractions surround the area, with options for all types of travelers.

Photo: Pixabay