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Check out top travel trends for 2018

The network of luxury agencies Virtuoso has released data from the Virtuoso Luxe Report 2018, a survey that anticipates trends for the luxury travel market and experiences. Highlights include destinations outside the traditional tourism circuit, including countries such as Iran, Lebanon, Rwanda and Iceland. Destinations that have gained momentum this year remain firm, such as South Africa, Japan and Portugal.

In the list of unforgettable experiences highlighted by the Virtuoso are the desire for regions little explored in the Arctic, Alaska and Patagonia. Iceland appears at the top as a worldwide trend, with one of the flagships being the observation of the Northern Lights, defined as “unique experience of life” by Virtuoso.

Following is the desire to explore new destinations such as swimming with manta rays, taking a helicopter tour through an exotic landscape or spending a night in a desert camp. Another reason that leads tourists to choose the destination is to strengthen family ties, a niche established a few years ago. This includes renting villas in Europe, cruising in Galapagos or holding a group cooking course. In the fourth and fifth position appear the desire to explore Africa on safaris in Botswana or tours in Morocco and immersive experiences such as language courses or handicrafts, respectively.
The trends for the Brazilian market in Luxe Report indicate that adventure travel will be in first place, followed by celebration trips, exclusive itineraries (with private jets, yachts, among others) and family trips, followed by gastronomic itineraries and cruises, which appear tied.

The main reasons for traveling will be the desire to explore new places, rest, personal enrichment, experience new adventures and closer ties with family and friends. The favorite destinations for the Brazilians will be Portugal, Italy, France, the United States and Japan, as well as Iceland and South Africa – the last four tied in their respective positions.

At the top of emerging destinations should include Lebanon, Iran, Rwanda and Cuba, Japan and Portugal. As a family they must succeed South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Orlando, as well as Australia and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Specifically in the United States, it points to New York, Miami / South Beach, Los Angeles, Orlando and the Rocky Mountains, Las Vegas and Napa Valley / Sonoma.

The most sought after honeymoon destinations will be the Maldives Islands, Italy, Seychelles, French Polynesia and Thailand. The millennials of Brazil will opt for Australia, Thailand and Tanzania, Brazil, Costa Rica and Oman. Finally, the most sought-after cruise routes are in the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Greek Isles, the Caribbean, as well as the Amazon and European rivers, tied.

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Source: Panrotas