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France predicts record of Brazilians by the end of the year

They are only three weeks in office, but Caroline Putnoki, the new director of Atout France for South America, already has good news to spread. By 2017, France should beat the record of Brazilian visitors, with 700,000 in total, an increase of 30% compared to 2016. And it is not only a growth, but a resumption, given that the destination has fall of Brazilians in the last two years – fruit of the economic situation of the country.
And, if the current results are good, prospects for the future are even better. During a visit to the headquarters of M & E in São Paulo, the executive recalled that the Brazilian economy is giving several signs of recovery. She recalled that although the trips have begun a resumption since the beginning of the year, now other sectors are starting to react – which means an important sign of recovery.
“This year, we are growing again. After two complicated years, we will see growth of 30% this year. We see increased offer of airlines and all of them with high occupancy, are positive signs, “he said. Therefore, the executive expects a better 2018 than this year and foresees a series of actions to increase the flow of Brazilians in France.
Caroline, who has previously worked at Atout France, pointed out that promotion budgets are increasingly scarce all over the world. For this reason, tourism agencies should be increasingly creative and seek tools that help in the dissemination of destinations. “We have to find cheaper and more dynamic means to help promote it. This goes through social networks and other email marketing, “he said.
Although supported by technology, the executive said that support from a network of partners, especially carriers and travel agencies is essential. “I already have a very good relationship with the trade, but I also want to expand it. Without a network of partners, we can not accomplish anything, “he said.
By the end of this year, Atout France will have a new website in Portuguese, which is being translated at this time. By 2018, Caroline confirms the continuation of actions that were already being carried out, but promised to perfect them. “We will keep the Encontros à Francesa, which is our main action of the year in the Brazilian market, but we want to reinforce the presence of buyers and make some adjustments. It’s an event that works very well, “he said.
Atout France also takes care of the promotion of Tahiti, located in French Polynesia. Caroline said that after a repositioning of destiny, it became much more sought after by the Brazilians. A campaign was launched to demystify the destination, showing that it is not only a honeymoon option, but it can also host families and groups of friends. “A great investment was made and this year we will have a 23% increase in the number of Brazilians. In June, we hit a record, with a 70% increase, “he revealed.

To strengthen this promotion, this year will also provide online training for agencies and operators on the destination. “We have to be closer to the agencies. This is not an easy product to sell, so this training is important, “he said.
Another focus Caroline wants to make in promoting the destination is the ease of getting to know other French destinations beyond the capital. To do this, it intends to partner with car rental companies and strengthen the support of the train operators. “There are many experiences in the interior of France. We have Bordeaux, for example, which is a two hour drive from Paris, with vineyards and wine tasting. Lion, which has many historical heritages. France is very diverse, “he said. “Besides being easy to drive in France, it’s very safe. And in these destinations, the tourist can experience authentic French experiences, “he concluded.

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Source: Market & Events