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Growing number of Brazilian visitors in Germany


For the seventh consecutive year, Germany has grown internationally in the country. In 2016 were 80.8 million overnight stays, a growth of 1%. In 2017, between January and June, 15 million international overnight stays were accounted for, a growth of 1.8%. In relation to Brazilian visitors, last year there were more than 670 thousand overnight stays and this year has already added more than 343 thousand (+ 12%). June alone registered growth of 8.9%.

According to Margaret Grantham, Director of Tourism for DZT in Brazil, “the World Cup opened Germany to the world, showed a happy people and a receptive country, and then the Cup in Brazil confirmed all this,” he said. So much so that Margaret announced that Berlin has definitely gone to the select group of over 30. That means that the city is now one of the few in the world to receive annually more than 30 million overnight stays, matching cities like London and Singapore.

According to updated data from visitors in Germany, Brazil gained prominence for having 53% of its total number of tourists visiting the country more than once. And among the favorite cities are Berlin (29.7%), Bavaria (25.5%), Hessen (11.6%), North Rhine Westphalia (9.6%) and Baden Wuerttemberg . In addition, the preference of the visitors was surprising because they had a higher incidence in the winter (57%), and not in the summer (43%) as was more usual.

According to the director of the DZT, among the main reasons for the greater presence of Brazilians in winter are the Christmas markets and the prices more in account for being low season. Other data show that the average stay of Brazilians is 10 nights spent at 3,300 euros, average of 298 euros / day – the largest in Europe. “We also find that there is a greater demand for small cities combined with large cities. What makes Brazilians lead the ranking of some of them, “he recalled.


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