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How to save on holiday and year-end travel

In the national tourism calendar, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and January Holidays represent the period of greatest movement of tourist arrivals and departures at airports, ports and highways.

At this time of year, operators such as CVC, the largest in the sector, invest in hiring extra flights and in back office and support teams in tourist destinations, to provide support and assistance to almost 1 million customers who usually travel with the company between December and January.

At the same time, “Holiday Flights”, consisting of chartered flights contracted by CVC with airlines, also provide additional advantages to holiday travelers, such as free baggage allowance (1 bag per passenger up to 14 kilos) , In / out transfers, check-in and check-out at the apartments until the flight times (so-called early check in and late check out) and, in the case of CVC charter flights to Punta Cana, to Barbecue on the beach with caipirinha package.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the travel and leisure travel industry, CVC sales manager Viviane Pio lists 10 essential tips for those who want to celebrate recess traveling and, above all, saving on what is considered a ” high season, “according to pricing policy practiced by hotels, resorts, airlines and tour companies in Brazil and worldwide.


1 – On a family trip, expenses usually multiply by 2 or even 4, depending on the number of family members traveling together. So it is important to define the destination of the trip according to the available budget, that is, choosing the “fate that fits in the pocket” instead of the “destination of dreams”;

2 – It is not enough to consider only the costs of transportation, lodging and food in the budget of the trip. Anyone traveling also wants to take walks. So it is worth considering, for example, the option to take a cruise, whose stops in different cities are already included in the total cost and, in addition, the trip is already a diversion by itself, with recreations and shows included daily on the ship;

3 – If the choice or decision of the trip was last minute, choose to pick up “travel hop” promotions promoted by reputed companies or options on charter flights, which usually offer attractive prices and special advantages such as exemption from fine in case cancellation and free baggage allowance;

4 – Choose the installment of the travel package in up to 10x without interest, preferably in the bank slip, so that the credit card is free for any emergency during the trip, especially if the destination is abroad;

5 – For expenses during the trip abroad, choose the prepaid card or currency in kind to limit the expenses in advance;

6 – Shortening the trip does not always reduce expenses. Better to control purchases;

7 – To make travel cheaper, operators like CVC offer lodging options in double, triple and in some cases quadruple apartments, being a more preferred option to accommodate the family;

8 – Choose packages that offer included tours, travel insurance, guide assistance and even some that include half-board or full board, which avoids extra expenses on the spot. You can also “format” your package and add services, diluting the amount in up to 12 interest-free installments;

9 – See if the operator offers exclusive agreements with hotels, which guarantee the most competitive tariffs in the market. Due to the large volume of reserves it generates, the CVC has agreements with more than 1 thousand hotels in Brazil and abroad, and is able to revert, for example, gratuity promotions for children’s accommodation, including in high season, during the December and January Vacations, for example;

10 – Advance the trip in one day if there are package promotions and be aware of the tariff differences depending on the date you want to travel, if by plane. Study other means of transportation to get to the destination, which may be more advantageous. Road trips are usually very welcoming and fun!