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Maritime company celebrates the acceleration of its investment plan with news

MSC Cruises, the world’s largest private cruise company, the market leader in Europe and South America, has just celebrated an acceleration in its 10-year growth plan. With a total investment of 9 billion euros, six of the 11 new ships ordered will begin operations by November 2020, doubling the shipowner’s fleet capacity in just three and a half years. As part of this proposal, yesterday, the shipbuilder held the coin ceremonies for the MSC Bellissima at the STX France shipyard, as well as cutting the first steel plate for the first Meraviglia-Plus generation transatlantic. These moments represented important milestones for these two vessels, which are being built simultaneously with two others – MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview, at the FINCANTIERI yard in Italy. “We are celebrating a unique moment as it is the first time that two milestones in the construction of two ships are carried out and celebrated on the same day.This is another demonstration of the strength and potential of our investment plan,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, president of the company.
During the ceremony to cut the first plate, the executive also revealed that the first megatransatlantic Meraviglia-Plus will be called MSC Grandiosa.
“The Meraviglia generation has already set a new standard for the cruise industry and is just one of three new prototypes we have created to elevate the guest experience to a new level. The name MSC Grandiosa means magnificence and grandeur and is very suitable for this rich and ultramodern meganavio, “commented Vago. “As MSC Cruises ‘democratized’ the luxury cruise experience by becoming the first shipbuilder to introduce a yacht concept inside a ship – the MSC Yacht Club, we are innovating In addition, the ship will be the third of four transatlantic company’s to offer Cirque du Soleil At Sea, with presentations in space created especially for the Carousel Lounge, and the new generations will once again be at the forefront of the industry’s environmental technology, among other innovations, will feature the latest SCR-Catalysts, SCR-Catalysts, state-of-the-art waste recycling, energy reduction and heat recovery systems and highly advanced wastewater treatment, “he concluded.
In the second part of the event there was the traditional coin ceremony for the MSC Bellissima, during which two commemorative coins were placed in one of the ship’s blocks as a sign of blessing and good luck to the vessel and its staff. The two meganavios are scheduled to start operating in March and November 2019, respectively. The sponsor of this event was MSC Cruises Brazil Operations Director, Marcia Leite, who also praised this milestone. “Since I started at MSC Cruises in 1997, I have had the opportunity to be part of the company’s incredible growth trajectory and attend the MSC Bellissima Currency Ceremony – the new next-generation ship that will delight guests around the world, It all started two decades ago, with a small ship called Rhapsody, five employees and 5,100 guests in my first season in Brazil – and the story does not stop here, of course. discover the incredible opportunities and adventures that the future holds, “he said.
“When we celebrated the cutting of the first steel plate and the coin ceremony on the same day, we experienced an unprecedented experience that marks the beginning of a new phase for both our client and us. of an extraordinary investment plan that will make the company one of the three largest cruise companies in the world.For us, it is the demonstration of our list of orders, which will allow us to deliver two ships per year until 2022. We are partners in the same virtuous circle , where the boldness and the performance of each are benefits for both parties, “said Laurent Castaing, General Manager of STX France.

The Meraviglia-Plus generation ships are an evolution of the prototype of the Meraviglia generation, which is extremely successful and includes MSC Meraviglia – in operation since June of this year – and MSC Bellissima. Each vessel has more than 181 thousand tons, 331 meters in length and maximum capacity for 6,334 guests. The possibility of extending this prototype is proof that the engineering capabilities of the partnership between STX France and MSC Cruises will provide guests with an even more connected and rich cruise experience. Unprecedented in the industry, the Meraviglia-Plus ships will present the first museum of the seas, with a collection of classic and contemporary art, to elevate entertainment to a new level and offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful works in the world .
Another important highlight of both MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa will be Cirque du Soleil at Sea. The long-term partnership between MSC Cruises and Cirque du Soleil is setting new standards of live entertainment on the high seas with a total of eight original shows that will be available exclusively aboard the Meraviglia and Meraviglia-Plus generations. Each of the four ships will present two new contrasting shows, the first two having already debuted at MSC Meraviglia. The creative work of this partnership continues in progress for the creation of two shows for MSC Bellissima.
The two vessels that staged yesterday’s celebrations are part of MSC Cruises’ growth plan, which includes the development of the prototypes of three new generations of ships – Meraviglia, Seaside and World Class. In June, the company launched the first of these new ocean liners, MSC Meraviglia, in Le Havre, France. In December of this year, MSC Seaside will be operational in Miami, United States. And, in June 2018, MSC Seaview will join the fleet’s ultramodern fleet. The owner is the first global cruise company to develop an investment plan of this magnitude.
Sales are already open for the inaugural season of MSC Bellissima by the Mediterranean. The anticipated opening of sales to MSC Grandiosa will be announced shortly.

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