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Florida beyond Disney

The beauties of Florida go beyond the amusement parks. Filled with landscapes and natural parks, rivers and museums enchant with ease those who visit the central region of the state. One of the top destinations is Winter Haven, a small town located in the Lake District, the Chain of Lakes – 28 lakes suitable for fishing, rowing and other water activities.

In addition to natural resources, Legoland is also a theme park for children aged 2 to 12 years old, with attractions ranging from shows to restaurants and shopping malls in Lego, in addition to the Legoland Florida Resort, which offers lodging inside the park and entirely focused on the theme. Tourists can also enjoy itineraries at points such as Bok Tower Gardens, Safari Wilderness and the largest collection of works by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The gastronomy is a must, with the typical dishes of the interior, with lots of meat and seafood, as well as small, local, rustic and traditional restaurants.

The region between Orlando and Tampa also has cities like Lakeland, Davenport and Lake Wales, close to Gulf and Atlantic beaches.

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