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In up to 10 years, e-commerce road will reach the same level as the air


The modernization of the Brazilian tourism market and the arrival of new technologies have changed the consumption habits of Brazilian travelers who have started to use the internet as the main means of booking and buying travel. According to a survey by ClickBus, the leader in online sales of road tickets, e-commerce tools today account for 5% of the total number of tickets sold in the country. However, the trend is that this number will increase significantly in the coming years.

For Fernando Prado, CEO of ClickBus, the road sector will reach the same level of online sales of the airline sector – which is currently 70% – in up to 10 years. “Bus companies have been pretty modernized in the last ten years; with the purchase of new buses, launch of services like wifi and adhesion to the world of e-commerce. This migration to the internet enhances the credibility of the consumer sector, which has the same ease as it had with hotel reservations, car rentals, and purchase of tourism packages. ”

Simple and Functional

“In the old days people had difficulties planning their travels, consulting destinations and the price of tickets. For this, it was necessary to travel to a bus station, many of which do not meet specific routes. With the entry of the road on the Internet and the launch of platforms such as ClickBus, this process has become much simpler and more functional. Nowadays, passengers can better visualize every detail of their trip, precise departure times, types of services, prices and the arrival and departure terminals within their route, “says the executive.

The road sector carried 160 million Brazilians in 2016, selling 7.9 million tickets online in the period. According to the executive, investments in both technology and bus quality have made people see the road with new eyes. “For this year our expectation is that the online road sector will sell 9.7 million tickets. In addition, we can say that traveling by bus today is much more comfortable than in the past, and people are noticing this through the new services that are offered by the road, “says Prado.


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Source: DailyTourism