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See list capitals with cheapest airfares during the spring

September opens the spring, an ideal season for those seeking to travel in mild temperatures – in addition to cheaper airfares, as the high season has not yet begun.

In order to help the traveler who has not yet chosen the best destination to meet during the season of flowers, the online travel agency, ViajaNet, listed the ten capitals that show the greatest savings in the average value of air tickets. Who leads the ranking is Curitiba, with an average price of $ 356 in e-tickets. In second place was Belo Horizonte (R $ 389), followed by São Paulo (R $ 408).

For the survey, the months of September were considered, from the 22.09, to December, until the 21.12 – period that includes the florid season. Flights depart from all airports in Brazil. Follow:

TOP 10 cities with more economical airline tickets Percent discount
1. Curitiba R$356
2. Belo Horizonte R$389
3. São Paulo R$408
4. Campo Grande R$418
5. Vitória R$422
6. Goiânia R$444
7. Porto Alegre R$453
8. Brasília R$454
9. Florianópolis R$470
10. Rio de Janeiro R$500

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