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Some measures that would make Latin aviation thrive


Finalize the ongoing infrastructure work at Latin American airports and get more support from Latin countries in aviation, especially with the collection of fewer taxes. That’s what Avianca Holdings CEO Hernán Rincon would do if, on a magical turn, it could change the industry landscape in the region.

During the Latin American Aviation Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, a panelist questioned Rincon: “If I had a magic wand, what would make Latin American aviation reach higher levels?” And he mentioned these two items, as well as a third. “My last change would be for the passengers to be more into their shopping, as they generally do not observe what they are getting until they have to change something on the journey and cause a terrible experience for everyone.”

He also spoke about the new consumer profile and how it affects the world of aviation. “Millennials spend much of their time on Facebook and Twitter, so we must create a digital dialogue that follows this direction,” he said, giving clues to what the Colombian company is likely to become. “I want to see Avianca as a digital airline that flies planes.”

In a panel on demand in the region, Capa chairman Peter Harbison and Indigo Partners executive William Franke set an example of South America that, despite having 50% of the quota in the Brazilian market, is still lacking a penetration.

The event, which takes place between yesterday and today, also counts with the participation of the executive vice president of Amadeus, Elena Ávila, who warned of the need to create an emotional connection with the passenger, mainly through technology and in all moments of sale. Azul’s Alliances and Distribution director, Marcelo Bento, and Expedia Latin America director Carolina Piber also attended a panel on Latin America’s future traveler who also featured the head of Amadeus Online Travel, Sergio Vargas.

“As an industry we have to use technology to communicate with these new consumers, we can not escape from this reality,” said Vargas.


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Source: Panrotas