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Tip: Which currency is the best option to the World Cup in Russia

Those who want to follow closely the 2018 World Cup will come across culture and habits very different from Brazil. One of the major sporting events in the world will be in Russia and the games will take place in more than 11 cities between June 14 and July 15.

With that in mind, BeeCâmbio, a fully-fledged foreign currency trading platform, has separated some tips.

What is the official currency of Russia?
The Russian Ruble is the official currency of Russia. But finding it here in Brazil is not an easy task, as the exchange houses that sell are rare. And the same thing happens there, it is not so simple to make the exchange from Real to Rublo

Does Russia only accept the Ruble?
Although difficult to find, the Ruble is the best currency to take to Russia. By making the Rublo exchange directly from Brazil, the buyer avoids paying two spreads. Besides the difficulty of communicating, since most Russians do not speak English.

However, the Russian Ruble quote may not be very advantageous. The good news is all places in the country accept US Dollar and Euro. The change, on the other hand, will always be in Rubles. It is important to be aware of the price used to avoid getting caught!

In addition, the best hotels in the country offer machines that perform the exchange of Dollar, Euro or Pound per Rubles. It is easy: just insert the note, look at the quote and choose whether or not to accept the exchange of values.

Photo: Pixabay