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Companhia de cruzeiros announces accord for a construção de dois novos naves

Nessa quarta-feira, day 29 of novembro, not estaleiro Fincantieri, in Monfalcone, na Itália, to MSC Cruzeiros recebeu officially seu novo e revolucionário navio, or MSC Seaside. A cerimononia contou com a presença of Sergio Mattarella, president of the Italian Republic, Graziano Delrio, Italian Minister of Infrastructure and two Transports, bem as other authorities.
Esse foi or second transatlantic de novo deliver this year, not event, to the shipbuilder and Fincantieri also assimilated to two ships Seaside EVO, a prototype of the Seaside, which represents a total investment of 1.8 bilhão euros.
“O início das operações do MSC Seaside represents an important historical and not future framework of our company, and it also incorporates a crucial moment for the industry, which was the first prototype ship that we put in operation and introduced a totally innovative product, A new approach is being made to bring seafarers close to the sea and to operate in insolated waters, beyond the limits of maritime technology and focus on travelers, “says Pierfrancesco Vago, executive president of MSC Cruzeiros.
“As we approach the end of 2017, we leave for the last year and we celebrate a crescimento sem precedents of our capacity.” As of the operations of two more new and innovative ships of industry in six months, as an adição de duas embarcações Seaside EVO ao nosso plano de investimento, we are positioned to expand even more global operations, we are waiting for delivery of, less, a new ship every year at 2026, with six inaugurations between 2017 and 2020, “completou o executivo .
“We are proud of having made an important project: a ship, for a new customer, or a new one built in Italy.” Isto demonstrates our ability to meet the needs of two shipowners, as well as an extraordinary operational level, or Fincantieri atingiu I also emphasize that “Seaview”, ship-gêmeo do “Seaside”, will be delivered in just six months, neste mesmo estaleiro “, affirmed Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri. “We believe we have built a highly innovative ship with MSC, which represents a new leap in technological quality.” This framework allows us to gain the loyalty of our clients with the commitment of transatlantic doves, or that, novably, it will be a real evolution “, accentu Bond.
Comm or novo agreed between MSC Cruzeiros e or Fincantieri, or space originally reserved for the third ship of the seaside, with delivery scheduled for 2021, was replaced by the construction of two ships Seaside EVO. Or the second delivery scheduled for 2023.
Além de oferecer ainda mais espaço, the ships Seaside EVO will be maiores, terão mais cabines, an expanded Yacht Club – with an additional deck and its more amps – and hospedarão até 5,646 guests. Assim as a geração Seaside, they will be equipped with more recent environmental technology, including a Redução Catalítica Seletiva (SCR) system; um advanced technological system to control emissões ativas, which significantly reduced or nitrogenous oxide (NOx) transforming -or harmless nitrogênio (N2) e água; Exhaust gas cleaning technology (EGC), to meet rigorous regulatory requirements for more operational and operational areas; more advanced systems of waste management and recycling; innovative systems of water treatment, quais vão além das regulatórias e atendem aos mais altos padrões da indústria; e a advanced system for recovering energy and heat.
These embarkations will count on how many of these devices will be used for energy saving and all areas will be equipped with LED lighting. The ships will be ultra-hydrodynamic graças to optimized hull linhas, propellers and lemes, combined with antifouling paint. Comesso, the resistência das ondas will be even more reduced, or that will result in a more efficient fuel consumption.
Comos novos navios, or atual expansion plan of the company, sem precedents na indústria, will pass to include 12 nova embarcações a serem built at 2026, representing a global investment of 10.5 bilhões de euros.
During the delivery ceremony of MSC Seaside, which took place in a secular maritime tradition, Roberto Olivari, director of Estaleiro Fincantieri, delivered Pier Paolo Scala, commander of the new ship, a fleet with first waters that touched or hull when or transatlantic flutuou not Start of this year Após or enclosure of event, to embarcação partiu for Trieste. From there, it will continue to Miami for its inauguration cerimônia, which will take place no day 21 dezembro.

Or MSC Seaside, first ship of the seaside, a completely new prototype that establishes new and innovative limits for the construction and design of ships. Com 153,516 tons and capacity for 5,119 guests, or second transatlantic built to integrate nova geração da frota MSC Cruzeiros and first to be delivered Fincantieri hair. Ele will travel from Miami to the first cruise of the Caribbean, visiting various destinations in the west and the region.
Depois do MSC Seaside, or MSC Seaview will be inaugurated in June 2018, for its inaugural non-Mediterrâneo season. During the delivery ceremony, Vago announced that the MSC Seaview inauguration event will be held in Civitavecchia, Italy, not on June 02 next year.
Main features of MSC Seaside
• Compression / length / height: 323.3m / 41m / 72m
• Tonelagem: 153,516
• Hosts: 5,119
• Tripulação: 1,413
• Maximum speed: 21.3 nos
• Navio da rub MSC Cruzeiros
• 14th ship to integrate with MSC Cruzeiros since 2003
• Primeiro navio da geração Seaside
• Irmão-gêmeo: MSC Seaview
• Delivery date: November 29, 2017
• Cerimônia de inauguração: Miami, Florida, December 21, 2017
• Operating area: Caribbean
• Working hours for a shipbuilding: 10 milhões
• Number of employees of Fincantieri involved not subject: 4 thousand
Main features of Seaside EVO
• Compression / length: 339m / 41m
• Tonelagem: 169,380
• LSA: 7.280
• Delivery: 2021, 2023

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