In a new decree Trump restricts the entry of North Koreans and Venezuelans into the US

US President Donald Trump has imposed travel restrictions on citizens of North Korea, Venezuela and Chad on Sunday, extending to eight the number of countries affected by US entry limits.

Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia were kept on the list of affected countries in the new decree issued by the president. Restrictions on Sudanese citizens have been suspended.

The measures help fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to toughen US immigration procedures and align with the foreign policy vision outlined in the slogan “America First.”

Unlike the original decrees, which had deadlines, the new one does not set time limits.

“Making America safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those in our country that we can not verify with security, “Trump tweeted shortly after the announcement of the measure.

Iraqi citizens will not be subject to travel bans, but will face stiffer screening or verification.

The current decree, proclaimed in March, would expire on Sunday night. The new restrictions are due to enter into force on October 18, and are the product of a review motivated by the worldwide rejection and legal disputes provoked by the original decrees.

The addition of North Korea and Venezuela extends the restrictions on the original list, which covered countries with a Muslim majority.

The US human rights group Amnesty International has rejected the measures.

“Just because the original ban was especially outrageous does not mean that we should tolerate yet another version of discrimination sanctioned by the government,” it said in a statement.

“It is foolish and cruel to ban entire nationalities from people who are often fleeing from the same violence that the US government wants to bar. This can not be normalized. ”

Source: Diário do Turismo