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Tips for an unforgettable trip by Marriott Moments

For people looking for more passion in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere

Noting, based on studies, that consumers are increasingly looking for different and unique activities and experiences, Marriott Moments give tips to tourists and residents of the northern hemisphere with lists of activities and recommendations of places, so that people awaken more their interests and passions by the places where they are. Trying to promote innovative experiences to its guests. Using experts, partners and celebrities to nominate places and activities from different destinations.

“Now, with the expansion of Marriott Moments for all, be they our guests or not, we are building a global culture of adventure seekers who can chase their passions,” says Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Marriott International.

It currently has 100 recommendations from actors, athletes, award-winning bosses, journalists and others. And with custom categories throughout the site, to help figure out the timing for each experiment. Among them there are the gastronomic experiences, moments to have with the family, places and monuments to know, experience to two, among other categories.

The hotel company also offers activities within hotels, so that guests do not have to leave the comfort to have exclusive experiences; with plans to expand such experiences globally.