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Maritime company starts selling last cabins for season

It was March 2016, a time of crisis on the Brazilian coast, with a lot of bureaucracy and high port fees, when MSC’s commercial director in Brazil, Adrian Ursilli, made a promise to the Brazilian market: “MSC does not intend to abandon Brazil. ” At the time, the country suffered from the cut of MSC Armonia and Lirica, which left for Cuba and China, while for the national coast in the 16/17 season were Preziosa and Musica, smaller, representing a 35% reduction in supply.

The promise, however, was fulfilled. Now the ship’s general manager for Brazil, Ursilli has announced the opening of the 2017 and 2018 summer season for MSC cruises in Brazil, and the numbers, he said, are extremely positive. The 40% increase in supply for the season, as a result of Magnifica’s entry into MSC’s fleet in the country, has already been surpassed by sales for the summer.

Almost two years after a summer marked by dependence on promotional actions, in the penultimate month of the season sales had not yet been completed, in 17/18 sales are already “almost 100%” even before the official start of it, which happens tomorrow, with the arrival of Preziosa in Santos for his first match. “The latest booths should be sold already in the company’s black friday promotion,” Ursilli said, referring to rebates of up to 30% ending Nov. 26.

“These numbers show how we have been successful in our choices and have met the wishes of the Brazilian consumer, with the maintenance of the affordable prices practiced, and we must again achieve 100% occupancy in our vacancies for the season.”

Reinforcing something already said during the launch of the 18/19 international season of MSC, which happened in September of this year, Adrian Ursilli highlighted the presence of the Brazilian as one of the main public of the owner even outside Brazil. “There are routes in which the demand of Brazilians reaches 20% of the total public,” said the general director of MSC for the Country. The objective of the company now is to show new packages of the Caribbean for Brazilians, remembering that the Caribbean islands should receive the Meraviglia and Seaside, MSC’s new ship scheduled for launch next month.

With a business “almost completely geared towards selling through agents,” Adrian Ursilli highlighted during the Preziosa event the importance of the tourism professional to the industry. According to him, 95% of the shipowner’s sales happens through some agent; that is to say, practically all the MSC cruzerista would pass for some before being client of the shipowner.

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Source: Panrotas