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The most romantic continent

Valentine’s Day is expected by many, especially those couples who are planning to travel. Any place becomes magical to meet that person, but we know that there is a special space, in this case, a whole continent: Europe.

The most sought after place to spend a moment to two, since there are several countries famous for their novel, as is the case of Paris, one of the most sought after places for honeymoons, for example.

Here we leave to your choice the romantic destinations for this month of lovers.

Cassis, France

Despite the fame of Paris, Cassis is not far behind as one of the most romantic cities. Located in the extreme south of France, the village is one of the most sought-after spots during the European summer, due to the “calanques”, great canyons that lie on the turquoise Mediterranean sea. With its breathtaking scenery.

Verona, Italy

The city of Romeu and Juliet’s famous romance could not be off this list, the ideal place for a two-minute walk, through the bridges and streets embedded in the Shakespearean tales, besides being a city with several cultural spots.

Vilnius, Lithuania

In Eastern Europe, where it gets lost in its mix of nature and its diverse architecture, leaving the capital even more romantic with its elements.

For couples who enjoy breathtaking views, the suggestion is the tower of the Cathedreal Belfry; the climb is long, but the view, especially during sunset, makes up for any effort.

Santorini, Greece

The most romantic city in Greece, also one of the favorite scenarios for film directors where they approach love as the main theme.

The island blends surprisingly architecture and beauty, and is dotted with cozy cafes and clean hotels. End your day by watching the beautiful sunset at Óia, number one tourist destination.

Lucerne, Switzerland

The most beautiful destination in Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps. The main sights are in the historic center, where you can walk quietly, as it is one of the places with the lowest crime rate in the world.

The Swiss city has a medieval climate and is surrounded by mountains and natural beauty. Adventurous couples can choose to climb Mount Pilatus by cable car or train, which is the most inclined on the planet, at 45 degrees.

Photo: Pixabay