Bariloche offers special programs for the end of the year

In 2017 the city of Bariloche will perform for the fourth year in a row a beautiful Christmas party. The city is located in the Andes region of Argentina, and is a great destination for those who want to celebrate the date next to nature, with gastronomy and much leisure.

On December 8, the Civic Center of the city will receive a special decoration, including the already traditional Christmas tree that is more than 10 meters high, which will be lit with the presence of corals and special shows.

People will be able to enjoy choirs and music from December 17th. The party will also feature a live manger and several other activities scattered in different parts of the city. The children will be able to talk with Santa and other special actions to celebrate the theme.

If you go to the city to enjoy the famous party, you will enjoy the summer of Bariloche. During this time of year, it is possible to practice various sports such as hiking, kayaking, Stand Up and more with the whole family. In addition to enjoying the famous beers and handmade chocolates.

Christmas in Bariloche is organized by the municipality, EMPROTUR and by the Gastronomic Hotel Association of Bariloche, with the support of different institutions and entrepreneurs of the city.