Delights on the high seas

The Texas Smokehouse Q with live music and dance in the best cowboy style is the latest in gastronomy from Norwegian Bliss, a ship that begins sailing in May 2018 where you can sample the authentic Texas barbecue with a selection of ribs, chicken and sausage and more, freshly smoked over oak and walnut woods. Following the tradition of Texas, Q will offer generous servings and will not lack natural cured ham, pickled jalapeños, fresh cheddar and mac-n-cheese-crusted, sweet potatoes roasted in butter and the traditional bread pudding in whiskey sauce.

The neighboring Mexico will also have its gastronomy on board in the restaurant Los Lobos, with tacos, enchilladas, guacamoles and everything else that characterizes this cuisine. Also worthy of mention is the Food Republic, a gastronomic success launched at Norwegian Escape as well as the District Brew House, the craft brewery and The Cellar wine cellar of the Michael Mondavi Family.

In the area of ​​sweets the novelty is Coco’s, an a la carte confectionery working 24 hours with chocolate-based delicacies, truffles, crepes among others accompanying coffees and fine teas and for those who enjoy various types of coffee there will also be a Starbuck’s on board .

Photo: Press Release