10 Tips For Traveling With The Little Ones Safely

When planning a trip, it is imperative to take some care, especially when the tour also involves children. Questions about the ideal destination, means of transportation to be used and the best activities to do with the family are pertinent and help prevent unforeseen events.

For this, APRIL, French multinational travel insurance provider, has prepared some important guidelines for you to enjoy the carefree holidays together with your children and make the most of the family outing.

1) Design a planning
Before traveling, make a complete schedule of activities and try to implement a little of the children’s daily routine in it. Changes in air, food, and meal times can change their mood and behavior. Also show photos and videos of the chosen destination and talk about the local characteristics and activities that will participate.

2) Consult a pediatrician
Ideally, talk to a doctor who already knows you for recommendations. Remember also to provide a kit with sunscreen, insect repellent, stinging ointment, antiseptic gel, pain medications, among others. Take into account if the destination is tropical, if it is very cold or if it is at high altitude. The doctor may also indicate the requested vaccines.

3) Hire a travel insurance
An indispensable item for any type of trip or traveler, even the youngest ones, the safe trip guarantees tranquility for the whole family. APRIL Brasil is a global insurance solutions company, with almost three decades of experience offering the right products for all tourist profiles, with excellent medical care and coverage for possible health expenses abroad, as well as assistance in the event of loss baggage or early return.

4) During the flight or car journey
Children have no exact notion of time, and the greater the distance, the greater the impatience and irritability. On plane trips, take a small bag with your favorite toys or coloring books. Also, pack healthy snacks to lessen the effects of pressure differences inside the cabin during takeoffs and landings. If you are in the car, make frequent stops so they can move and can go to the bathroom.

5) The perfect suitcase
Make a checklist of everything you may need during the trip, such as blankets, coats and comfortable clothes for everyone. However, check everything that can be purchased abroad and the brands available, so you can save space in the suitcases.

6) Destination feeding
Children are much more susceptible to eating problems than adults. Try to keep the diet at home, which you are already accustomed to. In addition, for all walks, always have snacks and water to hydrate. Avoid fast food restaurants or foods like seafood. Also look for places that seem to follow the minimum standards of hygiene and that have special menus for the small ones.

7) Bet on Suitable Rides
The itinerary in the destination should be prepared with the welfare of the youngest. No abuse of their physical stamina! Of course you can visit museums and historical monuments, just think of ways to make the trip fun for the kids, with games and banter on the theme. Some places have great spaces for children.

8) Hosting
Hotel, inn or holiday homes? It is necessary to check which type of accommodation is most suitable for your family. Give preference to places that have playgrounds, children’s pools and basic kitchens, to prepare baby food or warm bottles.

9) Attention redoubled
To remain calm and not to despair, always pay attention to children. Do not let them walk alone, especially in crowded tourist spots, which will make their location even more difficult if they get lost. You can use an identification wristband with your name and phone number in case something happens.

10) Relax and enjoy the trip
There is nothing better than spending time with your children. Enjoy every moment, take photos and, if something does not go as planned, relax and seek the best of the situation. The trip must be special for them and for you!

Photo: Reproduction