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The passion for racing has led athletes to literally travel the world. The calendar of international marathons includes the major metropolises, but also features smaller, charming towns and can be a good option if the marathoner wants to stretch the season beyond Sunday competition. Just over a month after one of the most famous, the Berlin Marathon (Germany), will take place on October 29 the Marathon of Lucerne (Switzerland). For fans of sports tourism, it is an excellent opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful regions of Central Switzerland.

Lucerne has a small population, about 80,000 inhabitants, and the marathon shows the hospitable side of the Swiss, with thousands of runners being supported by a large and enthusiastic crowd. And the course of the competition is a special chapter: it passes through the main sights, such as the Chapel Bridge and the towers; by historic buildings in the old town and the most modern, symbols of Swiss design; with the high point of entering the modern football stadium of FC Luzern and the KKL Convention Center, built by the renowned architect Jean Nouvel. Nearly all of it is on the banks of Lake Lucerne and with the view of the impressive mountain panorama of Switzerland. The organization of the event produced a video with the path of the marathon from the perspective of a bird.

Besides the marathon (42km), there are three categories with smaller courses, but no less pleasant. Registration costs about 120 Swiss francs (approximately 390 reais). Everything can be done by the site, where it is also possible to consult other information such as guidelines, accommodation, tourism, requirements and medical tips. The marathoner’s kit includes symbolic medal, free admission to the Swiss Transportation Museum on the day of the marathon, discount on public transport, free boat and other pampering. It is possible to rent a chip that monitors performance.

The landscape of Lucerne is made up of lakes and mountains, and architecture permeates between the contemporary and buildings dating from 1178. The region has a large cultural plurality. With sparkling night life, luxury represented through the many restaurants and shops, local and international cuisine, surrounded by history and traditions, the city is the gateway to the Lake Lucerne region, and a must stop for at least three days. This is the minimum suggested time for people who want to get to know the city and surrounding regions.

Lucerne thrives and hosts numerous music, artistic and cultural festivals involving all rhythms and tribes. The hotel sector of the region, made up of more than 50 hotels, offers guests a luxurious, warm and comfortable stay during the festive season, whether summer or winter.

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