Montevideo has 2nd edition of gastronomic festival “Ciudad Vieja Cocina”


Taking advantage of the short distance to our neighbor Uruguay, one of the advantages to have it next is that in a few hours we are in another country enjoying a tremendous gastronomic festival that will arm itself in the historical center of the city that month. A full plate for a quick escape from the busy days of the week.

The municipality b, – central subprefeitura of the Uruguayan capital -, will have a day of family integration, linked to the local cuisine and flavors. On Saturday, September 16, Plaza Zabala, located in the historic quarter of Ciudad Vieja, hosts the 2nd edition of the gastronomic festival: “Ciudad Vieja Cocina”, an activity that brings together 20 restaurants that will offer their best dishes at promotional prices. The festival promises great gastronomic varieties, through a diversified fair and exhibitions, from 12:00 to 22:00.

The “Ciudad Vieja” has become a growing tourist and gastronomic center, with a great diversity of proposals that allow visitors to enjoy different types of food. If not the oldest neighborhood in Montevideo, it is certainly what it contains and tells a good part of the history of the Uruguayan capital, being the main witnesses the port of Montevideo, the Cabildo, the Mother Church and La Puerta de La Ciudadela – a reminder that The city was surrounded by a huge wall in Plaza Independencia.

It is home to the wonders of the colonial era, the bookstores, museums and the must-see architectural treasures of the 20th century, surrounded by the splendor of the capital’s rambla (seaside promenade): Salvo Palace, Legislative Palace, Pitamiglio Castle, Trains, Centennial Stadium, Hotel Carrasco and Parque Hotel.

Other options besides the festival:

The visitor can have lunch or snack at Mercado Del Puerto, which offers a multitude of typical dishes, local wines – excellent for the cold season. The Uruguayan grills are also there, full of aromas and flavor, are the main choice of tourists. To end the night there is a wide cultural agenda exhibited in emblematic places like the Solís Theater and Auditorio Nacional del Sodré.

Montevideo can be visited by bus as well, there is a tourist that runs through all the most famous points of the city in just two hours, advantage for those who like to focus on the culture and gastronomy of the place. The tour includes Plaza Zabala, Teatro Solís, Plaza Independencia, Fuente de Los Condados, Panoramic Viewpoint of the Municipality of Montevideo, Agricultural Market, Football Museum and other places.

Some do not know, but tango is part of Uruguayan culture, so it is very common that outdoor performances take place in the squares on weekends. Just walk in the middle of the afternoon and there you are, as well as several bars and restaurants in the area of ​​Pocitos, where the nightlife of the city is concentrated.

Tired of the city, go to Rural area! A few miles from Montevideo, it is possible to enjoy the nature and traditions of the countryside. The wineries are also an excellent order. In a trip of the capital you can reach paradise, one of the tips here is the Bodega Juanicó, half an hour away the place is perfect to spend the afternoon, have lunch and enjoy the perfect harmonization between Uruguayan meat and wine.

In addition, a group of rural establishments in Santa Lucia and Canelones have come together to show the daily life of men and women who produce the food that comes to the table of many Uruguayans.

A getaway to the neighbor is not bad, when it comes to enriching culture, rest without spending too much. The Uruguayan government refunds to the foreign tourists the VAT on the consumption some services and products. Traveling to Uruguay is always a good request.


Photo: Reproduction