Airline opens a thousand flight attendant vacancies for 2018

Delta Air Lines has just announced that it will have to hire 1,000 people to work for the company in 2018, with job openings for flight attendants and flight attendants.

To compete, the airline charges as a requirement that the applicant be fluent in English; holds a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED), a certificate of equivalence to the American high school diploma; has the ability to work in the United States and is at least 21 years of age by January 2018. Having some post-high school graduation will be considered a differential by the company.

In addition, they will be considered more suitable for professional positions with at least one year of experience in personalized customer service, or in jobs involving the safety and care of third parties, such as teachers, military personnel, firefighters, etc. Fluency in languages ​​other than English will also be considered a positive factor, including with the competitor, if hired, and intended for flights to countries that speak the same language.

According to the company, the selected candidates must also undergo training phases, which range from serving meals to passengers to extinguishing fires and learning resuscitation techniques.

“Winning and using Delta wings is something our flight attendants are proud of, as they should be,” said Delta senior vice president of Customer Service Allison Ausband. “After undergoing a highly competitive and exhaustive selection process, they put all their previous experiences and skills to the test during the initial steward training.”

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Source: Panrotas