China Air Fleet Wins 51 Aircraft


Chinese aircraft presented 51 new aircraft for the month of August, with units ranging from Boeing 737-800 to Embraer E195 jets. According to the China Civil Aviation Analysis Company, the domestic fleet now has just over 3,100 aircraft.

In all, 26 new Boeing 737-800s were added, seven Airbus A321s, seven A320s and one A319s. The Embraer brand, in turn, delivered three A330, one 787-9 and one 777-300, in addition to an aircraft of each of the following models: E195, E190, 757-200, 737-900ER, 737-300.

Among the airlines, China Eastern Airlines was the one that received most airplanes, with eight new ones in total, followed by China Southern Airlines (6), Air China and Hainan Airlines (4), and Xiamen Airlines (3).


Photo: Reproduction

Source: Panrotas