IATA forecasts 7.8 billion air travelers in 2036

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts about four billion passengers flying by the end of this year, which is expected to double in the next 20 years. In 2036, the expectation is to see 7.8 billion air travelers, especially routes to Asia and the Pacific, which should house more than half of the new tourists and contribute to China overtaking the United States as the largest aviation market of the world.

Flights involving the Asia-Pacific region will house 2.1 billion new passengers by 2036, totaling 3.5 billion. Europe will have 1.5 billion travelers, followed by North America (1.2 billion), Latin America (757 million) and the Middle East (517 million). Finally, Africa will move 400 million passengers, but will lead the annual growth rate, with a high of 5.9%.
Regions New passengers Annual growth Total passengers
Asia and the Pacific 2.1 billion 4.6% 3.5 billion
North America 452 million 2.3% 1.2 billion
Latin America 421 million 4.2% 757 million
Europe 550 million 2.3% 1.5 billion
Africa 274 million 5.9% 400 million
Middle East 322 million 5% 517 million

“This is great news, but it also comes as a major challenge for governments and industries, which will need to secure the power to meet this demand,” said Iata CEO and CEO Alexandre de Juniac.

Faced with the combination of factors involving the accelerated growth sector in China the slowdown in the North American, the post of largest air market should be Chinese well before 2036, since the eastern country should assume it still in 2022. The Kingdom United, meanwhile, will fall to fifth, behind India and Indonesia by 2030. Currently among the top ten, France and Italy will see Thailand and Turkey take their places, dropping to 11th and 12th respectively.

Photo: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas