Meet four reasons to visit Thailand


With the perfect union between exoticism, hedonism and culture, Thailand offers a not-so-usual script. To visit the country is to know a different world, being presented to new smells, colors, gestures, flavors and more. Whether in the white sand, in the jungle or on the asphalt, the country presents a vast repertoire, always with a surprising and charming look.

The online travel agency ViajaNet shows you the reasons to buy your tickets now and travel to Thailand! In the script, include the beautiful beaches of Phuket and Koh Phi Phi in the South, and experience the great influence of Buddhism in the North with great temples and sacred cities.

Postcard beauty – The country has several landscapes that are worthy of a postcard. One of the best known is part of the Phi Phi Islands, which lies in the Andaman Sea. Known worldwide for the film “The Beach”, the region does not have a tourist infrastructure, but can be visited by boat or by those who wish to venture and camp in the region. Phi Phi Don is the nearest place with best infrastructure. There are options for lodging and food with more comfort, without getting away from this paradise.

Film landscape – Thailand has been the scene for many other movie scenes, including the spy franchise 007. Khao Phing Kan, since 1974, has been called the “James Bond Island” due to the success of the movie and the amount of tourists who took notice of the place because of the big screens. Anyone visiting the area is delighted. In addition to the clear waters, the rock formations are amazing and give a romantic and unforgettable look.

A visit to history – In Ayutthaya, one can visit the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Sion, which occupied that position for about 400 years. In 1760, the place became the largest city on the planet, with about one million inhabitants, a very expressive number for the time. In the city there is also one of the most notorious temples in the country, the Wat Mahathat, where a Buddha statue remains standing thanks to the protection of a tree – which enveloped it in its roots.

The current capital – In the itinerary to know the country can not miss the charming and surprising city of Bangkok. It became the capital of the Kingdom of Sion after the fall of Ayutthaya by the Burmese and has since grown and developed preserving its more traditional characteristics. There, worth visiting Wat Pho, where is a Inclined Buddha that reaches about 50 meters.


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Source: DailyTourism