Meet the walking check-in

Mobile check-in computers: this is one of the latest innovations launched at the airport in Geneva, Switzerland. They are, in fact, robots that move through the airport equipped with the check-in system; so when a passenger notices you walking by, or even thumps in, you can stop and check in at the same place, without having to queue at the traditional pick-up kiosks.

The technology is from Sita. “The idea of ​​the computer came from the constant doubt at airports: how can we achieve a better flow of passengers? So we have come up with this solution, to develop a stand-alone kiosk,” explained Sita’s senior manager of entrepreneurship and innovation, Stephane Cheikh. For him, the robot kiosk helps make the check-in process faster and more efficient, and connects with airline systems through wi-fi.

According to Cheikh, the device works with artificial intelligence and is interconnected with the airport system. Thus, in the event of any problem or overcrowding of passengers in one of the check-in areas of the complex, the robot automatically moves to the location to provide assistance without the need for human interference.

“One of the main innovations of the stand-alone kiosk is that it knows exactly where it is, using two methods: a geolocation device attached to a map on its server, and an invisible laser that uncovers all points interest around you, thus determining where you are at the airport, “explained Stephane Ceikh. “This will help alleviate airport congestion a bit”

In addition to the robot-check in, another robot, named Leo, prints the tag for the luggage and transports it directly to the office in a compartment that holds up to two suitcases weighing 32 pounds each.
See below a video of the Business Traveler site showing Sita’s computers:

Photo and video: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas