Latest Alitalia news

One of the best airlines in Europe, Alitalia is distinguished by its quality and innovation. Completing 70 years of operation in Brazil, it has ambitious new... Leia Mais

Alitalia once again recognized

For the second time this year, the airline is considered the highest in Europe, with more than 87% of flights landing at scheduled times in April. It is also th... Leia Mais

The most romantic continent

Valentine's Day is expected by many, especially those couples who are planning to travel. Any place becomes magical to meet that person, but we know that there ... Leia Mais

Portugal for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming, and many couples like to celebrate it's date together during a trip, because nothing beats meeting the world with that person we love... Leia Mais

Increase in flights in Europe

With the arrival of European summer, one of Europe's largest airlines increases its frequency of flights. Alitalia is already prepared to carry more travelers, ... Leia Mais

Alentenjo Charm

The Alentejo, the largest region of Portugal, is a destination for those who like to enjoy life at their own pace. Where old castles are surrounded by nature an... Leia Mais

Secrets of an artisanal Italy

Brazil is one of the countries with most italian descendants, so it's only natural that Italy is one of the most sought after tourist destinations not only for ... Leia Mais

Croatia has winery underwater

In addition to stunning beaches and picturesque views, Croatia offers yet another attraction for tourists: a wine cellar underwater. In the Pelješac peninsula, ... Leia Mais